Quality Prepress

At BNC-PRINTING we do all of our prepress work in-house. That means, not only is there never any finger pointing, but we can often spot things that might cause problems on the press before the film output. Simply, in-house prepress work saves you time and money. Our focus at BNC-PRINTING is to provide you with a perfect printed piece. We’ll do whatever it takes in prepress to get you there.


Trapping is a method of making sure that different colors line up or register on the press. When colors are “trapped” they will overlap slightly so that if there is any movement of the sheet on the press, there won’t be white lines visible between the colors. The distances concerned are very, very small, but they can have a large impact on the appearance of the job.

At BNC-PRINTING we pay close attention to trapping. For many projects the default trapping built into programs like QuarkXPress or Pagemaker is sufficient. But, when it’s not, we have many other options available. We also offer RIP trapping, dedicated commercial trapping software like TrapWise™. When all else fails, we aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves and build the traps!

Color Correction

Color printing demands color control. At BNC-PRINTING we take pride in achieving accurate color. Our equipment, from scanners, to monitors, to proofing devices, to film imagesetters and to the presses are each calibrated to the same set of standards that will ensure your colors will look the same from computer to printed piece.

We offer two types of color correction: Pleasing Color, and Matching Color. With Pleasing Color we ensure that your images look natural and “pleasing” to the eye. The sky is blue, the grass is green and skin tones look natural. Matching Color is more time-consuming. It involves matching images to specific colors, often so that the printed piece will match a specific product being illustrated. At BNC-PRINTING it doesn’t matter which you select becasue we excel at both methods.


Printing gradients are very tricky for less experienced printers. Gradients are prone to banding if they aren’t created properly. The line screen, the resolution of the imagesetter,as well as the dot-gain on the press all need to be taken into account when creating a proper gradient. At BNC-PRINTING we specialize in creating band-free gradients because we have developed the right formulas for producing smooth gradients on each of our presses.


BNC-PRINTING’s prepress department offers electronic stripping to imposition, or to paginate books and manuals into press signatures. Our modern method replaces the old, out-dated method of stripping film by hand. We save time and money by avoiding the costly mistakes that can arise from hand stripped film from less advanced printing companies.

The Latest in Prepress Technology

BNC-PRINTING can provide the latest in digital print production equipment and expertise. Whether you're a print design professional with years of experience, or you are sending us your first print job, our knowledgeable perperss department staff is eager to work with you to ensure we meet your expectations.


(including, but not limited to)

  • Macintosh
  • Windows
  • Imagesetter - Film
  • Computer To Plate - Metal & Polyester
  • Color Contract Proofing: DuPont Digital Color Proof
  • Imposition Proofing: 2-sided Digital Imposition Inkjet
  • High Resolution Scanning
  • B & W Laser Proofing: 600 dpi
  • Color Laser Proofing: 600 dpi

File transfer media

  • CD-ROM (Mac/PC)
  • Iomega Zip 100mb/250mb (Mac/PC)
  • E-Mail and High-speed FTP


(including, but not limited to)

  • InDesign
  • QuarkXPress
  • PageMaker
  • Illustrator
  • FreeHand
  • Photoshop
  • CorelDRAW (Windows only)
  • Microsoft Word
  • Stuff-It
  • PK Zip (Mac, DOS, & Windows)